Learning to skate as an adult can be quite a daunting prospect. Coach Jill makes it much easier.  Jill is endlessly supportive and encouraging during practice. Jill makes me feel like I can reach my potential as long as I practice and try my best. She works with my busy schedule as a working adult. I’m learning skills and doing things I never thought possible when I first put on a pair of skates and it’s all thanks to Jill’s teaching. I couldn’t imagine a better coach.


I have been a figure skater since I was five years old. I’ve done many years of synchro ice skating and a couple of solo performances. Once I turned sixteen I thought skating was over for me. I stopped seeing my coaches and focused on my career as a personal trainer. I would skate recreationally here and there, but I always felt I wanted more and didn’t know how to go about getting back into skating until I met Coach Jill. I didn’t expect to start skating again at twenty two years old and I didn’t think I’d be learning so many new things. Coach Jill has just taught me new spins and jumps, which have given me more confidence I would not have had without her excitement as my coach. We’ve only been together for a couple of weeks and I’m already feeling and living the results of working with her. I’m doing things I’ve never even tried before and skating more gracefully then ever. She has taught me everything from flying camel spin, lutz, and change foot sit spin. I can’t even keep up with all of the new skills I have already gained from working with her. The best part of training with Jill is her excitement and knowledge for the sport itself. I have had many coaches, but Jill is always engaged and gives constant feedback as well as support to help me succeed is every aspect of my skating.

G. D.

Jill is an accomplished skater who shares her expertise and enthusiasm with all her students, no matter their age. Her patience and flexibility are hallmarks of Jill’s teaching style that provide her pupils with challenges and encouragement at each lesson.

B. K.

My coach Jill Jonkouski always keeps things at my pace! I always feel encouraged and I learn something new everytime I am on the ice with her. Easily the most personal, flexable, and smartest fit for a coach in the Chicago area.


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