Have you ever dreamed of learning how to ice skate but don’t know where to start? Are you trying to pass your Moves in the Field test to move up to a higher freestyle level or synchronized skating level? Trying to land your first axel or clean up that double axel? Triple salchow eluding you? Need help with the IJS system to set up a level 3 spin or level 4 footwork? Want to get to the Regional Championships? Trying to get your senior freestyle or senior moves in the field test? Looking to get on the hockey team of your choice? Want to improve your power and acceleration and out skate your opponents? Coach Jill can help!

With over 20 years experience working with hockey and figure skaters in Illinois, Coach Jill can help any skater improve their skills no matter what level they are skating at or how big their dreams.

Ice skating is a great sport for self esteem, fitness, making life-long friends, and challenges you to accomplish amazing skills athletically and be the best you can be on the ice or in life. If you have drive, passion, and the willingness to succeed you should give figure skating or hockey a try. Coach Jill can help you understand and excel in all aspects of skating from competitions to how to select skates, blades and when to sharpen your skates.

Interested in competitive skating? Join my competitive team!

Skating is a great way to relieve stress, build character, and understand yourself better. Skaters typically do better in school as well because skating requires concentration and time-management skills. Skating is a lifetime sport for both hockey and figure skaters. Families can also spend quality time skating together. Most importantly, skating is FUN!

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