About me


IMG_2243Hello Skaters,

My name is Jill Jonkouski and I’m a master – rated skating coach. I’ve been training ice skaters for 20 years and loving every second of it. I coach in the Chicago metropolitan area, mainly in the southwestern suburbs and other Chicago suburban areas by appointment. A wide variety of training times are available to train or learn to skate. The┬ádisciplines I teach are freestyle, moves in the field, ice dancing, and hockey. I coach a wide variety of skaters from beginner through elite levels in both figure skating and hockey. The youngest skater I have coached was 3 1/2 years old. Some tots are ready to skate at that age! I coach youngsters, teenagers and adults! You are never too old to learn how to skate! Some skaters I teach are recreational; other skaters are deeply committed athletes training to reach their dreams of competing at the national and international level or training to play college or semi-pro hockey. You can contact me to arrange private lessons. I teach one-on-one private lessons or semi-private, which could be two or more skaters training together. For example, two skaters close in ability might wish to train together, a parent and a tot might prefer time together, or a group of hockey skaters might want to do a power class together focusing on needs specific of the athletes present. Some of the athletes I have trained include a Figure Skating Team USA skater, competitive freestyle skaters, synchronized ice skaters, ice dancers, pair skaters, and hockey skaters (both kids and adults, at all levels through Junior elite). Skating is a wonderful sport which has brought much joy and friendship to my life.

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